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Matthew Kalil

Matthew Kalil’s work is marked by a deep understanding and inspired use of narrative, collaboration and subtext to distill sensitive performances and create meaningful cinema.

He has an MA in Screenwriting from the Northern School of Film and Television (UK) and 20 years of experience in directing, editing and writing for film, as well as script editing, acting and coaching.

Matthew Kalil’s projects and collaborations have been screened, broadcast and exhibited in Canada, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Thailand, the United States, United Kingdom, and throughout his home country, South Africa.

Kalil has lectured at various institutions including the University of Cape Town, AFDA Film School and TISH, New York University.

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Script Editor



Matthew Kalil is an experienced and sought after writer for both drama and comedy series and feature film. He has worked collaboratively as a co-writer and part of a larger team, and his knowledge of story lines and narrative clarity has been utilised in the role of head writer and series editor.

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Matthew offers online screenwriting classes at www.handsonscreenwriting.com

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Script Editor

The refining and distillation of words and ideas into powerful scripts is one of the hardest processes in cinema. Matthew Kalil has experience in guiding writers through all the challenges of the script writing process, from conceptualising stories and developing characters, to giving nuanced feedback on the latest draft. Covering all aspects of the script, his editorial eye is a valuable friend in pushing your ideas from sketch to screen.

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Bonnie Rodini

Matthew contributed so many original gems to my latest script and is so brilliant with story structure.

Bonnie RodiniWriter, Producer
Dr Lesley Marx

Matthew Kalil is one of our superstar screenwriting teachers.

Dr Lesley MarxAssociate Professor, Centre for Film and Media Studies
Sean Drummond

Matthew was one of the first screenwriter teachers I ever had. His knowledge set me on the path.

Sean DrummondWriter
Ross Devenish

Matthew has the wonderful ability to see beyond the page to the images that the writer hopes will eventually emerge in the script, particularly at the stage when the writer has difficulty in seeing further than the words themselves…

Ross DevenishDirector, Writer
Rachel Wood

I have never experienced anyone who can so adroitly analyze material, identify the weaknesses, and relay that information as succinctly or as kindly as Matthew. He is absolutely invaluable.

Rachel WoodDirector
Dante Hazel

Matthew truly changed the way I thought about filmmaking!

Dante HazelProducer
Gerda Dullaart

Matthew Kalil does not sell you his own dream stories, but allows your own to come to fruition.

Gerda DullaartChief Academic Administrator, AFDA
Archie Birch

In addition to his knowledge and technical skills as a writer/editor Matthew has a real knack for seeing the essence of a story and helping writers to distil that essence into the narrative.

Archie Birch Illustrator


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